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We are a husband and wife team based in Sweden, each working in our respective areas of expertise, and occasionally collaborating!



Head of Bossbon Research

Karen Nichols-Rexwall


English-speaking Genealogist with over 40 years experience researching American, Brazilian, French, Italian, Scottish, English, Irish and Swedish ancestry. Currently focusing on Swedish research for clients and three specialized personal projects: The Highland Clan Macneacail (MacNicol), Clan Gillean (Maclean/Mcclain) and French Fontaine families.

Head of Bossbon Consulting

Ronnie Rexwall


English-speaking Attourney-at-Law holding a degree from Lund University. Specializing in Swedish tax legislation, with over 30 years of experience representing client interests both in and out of court in a wide range of related fields.

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