Social Support Services

Migration Board (Migrationsverket)

The Swedish Migration Board is the official agency governing immigration and work permits. If you would like to move to and live in Sweden on a long-term basis in most cases you will need to apply for a work permit in your country of origin, however there are some exceptions. You may instead be interested in studying in Sweden and seek temporary residency, or you may already be a resident interested in obtaining Swedish citizenship. We can review your situation and advise on the best course of action as well as help you submit your applications.


Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan)

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency is the governmental body in charge of all aspects of social security. Services are vast and it is easy to become lost while trying to understand what is covered. We can help you with registering with the Agency, applying for parental benefits, child allowance, housing allowance, unemployment insurance, disability insurance and other benefits.


Legal Capacity (god man, förvaltare)

Swedish legislation covers special needs of persons who were born or have become either partially or fully incapacitated, temporarily or permanently thus requiring assistance in the form of a guardian (foster parent), custodian (god man), trustee (förvaltare) or other form of proxy decision-maker, depending on the specific situation. We can evaluate each individual case and explain which category the specific need falls under according to Swedish legislation, what benefit options are available as well as directly supporting clients to apply for said benefits.


We also provide direct custodial and trustee services but due to the personal nature required of this service we can only take on clients who reside in Västra Götaland in Borås, Ulricehamn, Herrljunga, Vårgarda, Vara, Skara and surrounding areas. Please note that this benefit is financed by public funds and in order for us to be able to provide such services an application must first be submitted to and approved by the Social Services administrators of the community where the client resides.


Practical Issues

If you are planning a move we can help you cover the basics such as bringing your move, bringing pets, finding a place to live, finding daycare or schools for your children, finding out if you need an entry visa to come to Sweden, if and for how long you can use your foreign driver's license, how to obtain a Swedish license, and other essentials.


Once you have arrived, we can help you with setting up the basics for instance, arranging for utilities such as water, electricity, heating, telephone, television, internet and acquiring home insurance if applicable, and how to pay your bills. We can also help to enroll you in Swedish language courses, open a bank account, etc.

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