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"If we stand tall, it is because we stand upon the shoulders of those who came before us" - Old African Proverb

Discovering Our Roots

No matter our status or station in life: whether rich or poor, renowned or obscure, the greatest legacy that we can leave our children and their descendants is knowledge about their roots: where they came from, who their ancestors were, how they lived, and sometimes, even their triumphs and joys, sorrows and tribulations. For in truth, each and every one of us has thousands upon thousands of ancestors. And if one of these - just one - had succumbed to the hardships and perils dealt to them by circumstance and had perished as a consequence, we would not be here today.


Discovering our ancestors can often also lead us on on a journey of self-discovery. We can sometimes answer questions such as "where do my musical abilities come from if neither of my parents and none of my grandparents are so inclined?" Discovering an ancestor who was a musician can very well answer this question.


Many cultures and civilizations still hold ancient beliefs that their ancestors will live forever provided that they are remembered. Thus, uncovering and recording our forgotten roots does not only constitute a gift to our posterity, but a means to honor and celebrate those who are responsible for our very existence.


"These are Deeds that shall not pass away, and Names that shall not wither"- Author unknown

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