Forensic Genealogy

Forensic Genealogy Services

Forensic Genealogy focuses on the living as opposed to those who have passed. Generally speaking, this type of research covers two basic areas: locating next-of-kin, and/or uncovering living relatives.



Certain situations require locating next-of-kin such as due to inheritance purposes or adoptees seeking to discover who are/were their birth parents. Due to the Swedish Data Protection Law, more commonly known as the "Swedish Secrecy Law", this type of research will usually require a two-person team: the genealogy researcher and a local lawyer. These cases almost always require a formal request to access sealed documentation. And in this case no one is better suited for this task than a native-speaking legal representative working in cooperation with the researcher. We can offer both services. Please check our Consulting division for legal services.


Living Relatives

This type of research is very similar to the one performed for locating next-of-kin. The major difference is that in most cases legal support is not needed. Perhaps you are a Swedish descendant, planning a trip to the homeland of your ancestors and relish the opportunity to meet any Swedish relatives that you may have but don't know how to go about locating them. We can probably find at least one for you.

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